Major caves

– ThePropantesshaft

The vertical cave “Propantes”, located in the area of Paleochori, is 360 meters deep. It is a test for a caver’s stamina and technique. A unique experience for all cavers, thanks to an impressive pit of 280m (the 2nd deepest in Greece). The cave will be rigged down to 360m.

Temperature: 12 °C.

A very good knowledge of single rope technique is needed.

– ThePeletasinkhole

It is located 1,5 km SE of the village of Peleta, at the location of “Kato Kampos”. Its depth reaches 620 meters. It includes a variety of meanders, and two sumps, one close to the entrance (which will be dry) and another one at -500 m. The sinkhole will be rigged down to -300 meters.

Temperature: 12 °C. Humidity: 85 %.

A very good knowledge of single rope technique is needed, as well as warm clothing.

– The “Dersios” sinkhole

It is located at the plateau of Palaiochora Tyrou, at an altitude of 760 m, 12 km NW of Leonidio. It has been explored down to a depth of 160 m and its length reaches 1450 m, including two sumps. Its exploration has stopped at a 3rd sump. The cavers will be able to visit about 260 meters of the cave, down to a depth of approximately 80 meters, that is, down to the 1st sump.

Temperature: 12-14 °C.

Knowledge of single rope technique is needed, as well as warm clothing. 

– The “Mana” cave

It is located at “Poulithra”, a tourist resort by the sea, 9 km from Leonidio. It is an underground river which ends up in the village. Its length exceeds 870 meters. In most of its parts the caver has to swim in the river (the temperature of the water is about 13°C), and at some points the surface of the water is just a few cm below the cave’s ceiling.  The visitor should be careful with the large population of bats living in the cave.

The use of a neoprene suit is necessary, due to the temperature of the water. In this particular cave, entrance will be allowed to biologists only. Exceptions can be made for small groups that will be guided in the cave by members of the organizing committee following a particular schedule. 

– The “Scorpions” shaft

Located in the area of Leonidio, it is 210 m deep, consisting of two pits. The most impressive part of the shaft is a pit about 150 m deep.

Temperature: 12-14 °C.

Knowledge of single rope technique is needed.

Transportation to the above caves will be provided!